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Welcome to our vibrant and illuminating world at Back to Basics Candles - a modern and fun company based out of Manhattan Beach - CA, that creates products meant to be minimalistic while meaningful to YOU. To what you love, this is Basic!

We are not just your ordinary candle makers; we are torchbearers of three core values that light our path to provide something unique to you:

  • Ignite Your Spirit of Celebration

    At Back to Basics Candles, life is a celebration, and we strive to infuse joy into every moment. Our candles go beyond providing light; they create memorable experiences with an exciting range of scents and designs. Whether it's a cozy night-in with friends or a moment of self-indulgence, our candles turn any setting into a spectacle of happiness and laughter.

  • Where Brilliance Meets Craftsmanship

    Each candle is hand poured in the USA with the finest ingredients, creating a symphony of scents and colors. Our packaging is carefully designed to enhance the gifting experience. From the first sight to the final flicker, our candles offer an enchanting fragrance dance that elevates the senses and illuminates any space.

  • Light up the World Responsibly

    We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet. We use eco-friendly and sustainable materials, practicing ethical methods throughout our production process. By minimizing our carbon footprint and promoting a greener tomorrow, choosing our candles means lighting up your space while also igniting a brighter future for generations to come.